Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sweet Baby Kate

Our sweet baby Kate joined our family on Thursday, January 22 at 12:50 p.m. She weighed in at 8lbs 7oz. was 21 inches long and couldn't be more perfect. We have loved every second with her. Maddie and Olivia are thrilled with their new baby sister and smother her with all kinds of love as often as they possibly can! A few precious moments with the girls have included Maddie holding tightly to Kate's and Olivia's hands and saying "best friends today, tomorrow and always." Another gem, when we arrived home from the hospital Maddie was telling me about how great it all was and she said "I was your first baby, and Olivia was next and Kate was last...well not last because we need to have a boy baby too. How about two boy babies, and three girl babies?" I said "we'll see...what if we were just a family of all girls?" Maddie's quick response was "that would be cute!" What a doll. Olivia loves to sing to Kate whenever she can and wakes up every morning runs into our room whispering "I want to give her kisses." Another great Olivia moment was when Kate was sleeping in her little cradle while I was folding laundry and it was too quiet, I quickly came to check on Kate and Olivia had climbed into the cradle and was sitting next to her -just hanging out! Olivia loves that cradle and has already tried to take a nap in it herself! We are loving being home and together with our family and our new baby Kate. We feel so blessed to have this little piece of Heaven in our home.