Sunday, August 31, 2008


When I was little I had to wear glasses, and they have been the source of lots of laughter ever since. I watched Sandee and Charlie's boys for them a while back and when they came to pick the boys up somehow these glasses found their way onto their faces. We were all dying laughing!
This picture of Brock is just priceless.
Gotta' love it!


My dear friends Katie and Sandee both have birthdays in January. To celebrate a few of us girls went out to breakfast at a little place in Sausalito called Dipsea. The food was delicious and the company was the greatest, I miss all these girls so much.

Napa Part Three

While we were in Napa we stayed at the greatest little Best Western Bed and Breakfast. We loved it! They had a hot tub so we were able to put the kids to bed in our hotel room and then go down with the Henry's.
The next morning there was a complimentary breakfast and it was super yummy.
A quick family shot.
After shopping at the outlets for a couple of hours, and getting some lunch we went on a little walk. The weather was perfect, it was so beautiful outside.
I stopped at a Whole Foods with Ashley to pick up a few things including these grapes. They were so delicious, we all had to laugh at the fact that here we are in Napa with vineyards everywhere you look and we're snacking on grapes shipped in from out of the country.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Napa Part Two

The girls had tons of fun just rolling around on a patch of grass, they were being so cute we couldn't resist taking a few photos.

Matt and I with some of the winery behind us.
Before going out to dinner that evening we had to stop at this little grocery store. It was adorable, filled with yummy breads, pastas, suaces, pastries...I could go on and on. We all loved it and came back with a few yummy treats to remember it by.


It's been forever we know, but once we get all caught up you'll see just how busy we've been! So, back in January we went on a quick little trip up to Napa with the Henry's. It was so much fun! Matt and I had been wanting to go there for the last two and a half years and thanks to the Henry's fun planning we finally did! On our way up there we stopped at the Sonoma Traintown and walked around for a little bit and let the girls go on a couple of rides and explore on the old train cars.
Here's Maddie riding on the airplanes. We weren't sure how much she would like the rides but she loved this, especially when she got the lever pulled down just right and could raise the plane up and down as she went around!
Olivia was so sad and confused watching Maddie go on the plane while she had to watch from the bench with the rest of us. Poor little thing, eventually she got over it.
After the Traintown we stopped in the little downtown Sonoma square and had some delicious lunch at the Sunflower Cafe. We walked around the square a little bit more and tasted some yummy treats at the Cheese Factory. We then headed up to Napa, but we had to stop at this amazing winery on our way. The grounds were incredible!
The happy little travelers.