Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spring Break Part Two

For our first big adventure during the break we went down to the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk. We left the city having checked the forecast and thought that long sleeves would probably keep us comfy but not hot...we were wrong. It was really warm, and we felt kind of silly walking around with all of the tourists in their shorts and short sleeves. We survived the warm weather though and had a lot of fun playing. Once we bought ourselves some tickets to ride, we were on our way.

This was one of the rides the girls could go on all by themselves. I love how as parents we are so "proud" as we watch our kids go around in a circle on these carnival-ish rides! I have to laugh at myself everytime I do this.

Here's Maddie enjoying another ride.

We were waiting in line to go on the boats and little did we know what we had in store for us...a meltdown of major proportions.
Are we having fun yet???

After a few fun filled hours we got some lunch and decided to head home. For our drive back we decided to drive along the coast, and it was so worth it. It was beautiful. There were lots of little places to stop and look out at the ocean, cute little towns, and lighthouses all along the way. We decided to stop and check a few out.

Matt and Maddie checking out the view.
Another great family shot of all of us -haha.

Spring Break Part One

For Matt's last Spring Break as a student EVER we decided to stay in San Francisco and do a couple of touristy things. To kick off our fun week we went to the Bay Area Discovery Museum. I wish we could still go there all the time, so do Maddie and Olivia. We have so many fun memories of that place. I think this is one of the only times Matt had ever been there so the girls had fun showing him around.

Hard at work with the moon sand, the girls love this stuff. It's really tempting to buy because it keeps them so busy, but then I imagine the clean would be bad.
Olivia being her happy little self playing with the blocks.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! We had so much fun putting together this little scavenger hunt for the girls, that led them all around our little apartment and then finally to their Easter baskets. This is Maddie with the first clue.

I love the intensity on her face as Matt is reading to her, it's so cute.
Another clue, and they're on their way.

The last clue...and a view of our scary apartment hallway.

Easter baskets at last!

I guess I shouldn't be surprised by the fact that Maddie loves peeps, most kids do. But, she talks about them all year long. She is such a treat lover, wonder where she got that from...

Little Olivia checking out her basket.

Speaking of treat lovers look at those jelly bean filled cheeks! I love it!

Coloring Easter Eggs

After our Ward Easter egg hunt we decided to dye some eggs. This was the first time we had ever colored Easter eggs as a family so Matt and I were pretty excited! The girls seemed to enjoy it too. These are just a few pictures from the day. I think Olivia was a little more concerned about what she was holding rather than coloring the egg.Maddie hard at work.

Serious concentration face! We used a kit from Target that had all of the Princesses and glitter and stickers -it was perfect!
Pretty little eggs all in a row.
I love Maddie's excited face in this picture. Once we colored all of the eggs Maddie wanted to wrap them in the little Princess stands, she had to make sure each egg matched the Princess! I love my girl.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Our primary had a pretty fun Easter egg hunt we played games, decorated cupcakes and hunted for eggs. The girls were both in heaven. This is a picture of Maddie and her friend Mckenna, these two are so cute.
I had to take a picture to document Maddie's shoe choice for the day -she couldn't make up her mind between blue or brown flip flops so she went with both! This is a battle sometimes not worth fighting.

This gives me a nice sugary headache just looking at it! This is definately a cupcake a la Maddie.

Maddie and her little friend Ava devouring their cupcakes.

On the hunt for some serious eggs!

Checking out their loot...

I love that chocolatey little face!

Japanese Tea Gardens

Another thing we had to do before leaving San Francisco was to visit the Japanese Tea Gardens in Golden Gate Park. The gardens were beautiful, and the girls had a great time running around.

I love how Matt and I are doing the exact same pose in this picture, as we try to corral the girls.

After the Tea Gardens we walked across the street to have a picnic and feed the ducks. Looking at these picture really makes me miss Golden Gate Park. I wish I would have spent more time exploring different parts of the park, I always took the girls to the same places to play. I guess that's what visiting is for...
Olivia enjoying a little juice before we head home.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Movie Date

Matt and I took the girls to see Horton Hears A Who in the movie theater, it was a lot of fun. The girls were super excited and actually did pretty well until about the last twenty minutes. It was a darling movie and a great way to spend our Saturday.
I love the little booster seats you can get at the theater, such a great idea.

After the movie we went outside and looked at the waterfalls and then across the street to play at the Yerba Buena playground. It was a great day.
This picture is completely unrelated to the post, I just thought it was cute.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Maddie Turns Four!

Happy Birthday to our sweet little Maddie girl! We had such a great day celebrating with you. First things first, your favorite breakfast scrambled eggs, bacon and waffles.Olivia was excited too!
A little birthday wrestling with Olivia.
Your most favorite foods for dinner, grilled cheese sandwich, broccoli and apples.
I love this picture of Maddie with all of her presents, her little pose kills me. What a ham.

I love the excitement on all three of their faces in this picture!
A funny memory from the day, Maddie HAD to eat her birthday cake on a new cake plate we got. What a fancy girl!
Olivia doesn't care how it's served as long as she gets some! Yummy yummy!
This is a horrible picture but it's the best one we could get of all four of us. Happy Birthday Maddie, we love you so much and are so grateful to have you in our family! You make all of our days so happy with your sweet little personality.