Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Throw Ups And Then Some

A few days after Christmas our little Olivia got the flu! The girls had never had the flu before and Matt and I hadn't either in years, so we were a little terrified of how to handle this!! Luckily we were at the Carpenter's so we could throw in laundry all the time and we were so grateful for it! After many calls to and from our amazing pediatricians, and seven days of the barfs, Matt getting sick two days after Olivia, me right as Matt started to feel better, we were finally done with the throw ups! I am still amazed that Maddie never got sick -it must be all of the city germ exposure she's had over the years! That and I made her sleep with me on the floor of the living room while Matt and Olivia were sick.
There were a few times we propped Olivia on the couch and wrapped a blanket around her neck like a huge bib, that way when anything came up the blanket would catch it. I think that Matt and I grew so much as parents through this, it was really alot of work and alot of stress to see our little girl feel so terrible for so long. Every time we thought she was feeling better and kept some fluids down for a few hours, up they would come. We were all so exausted by the end of the week, we needed another vacation.
When we knew she was finally feeling better we took a walk down to the park for some much needed fresh air. It was really sad to see the little bit of weight she lost during the week. Thankfully she bounced back to her old round self in no time!

Maddie and Ashley swinging!
Cute picture of Matt playing on the bridge with Olivia.
For Christmas Grandma and Grandpa gave the girls a set of dress up shoes and fancy jewelry, and they LOVED it! The girls love to have fancy shoes and accessories so this was the perfect gift!
Here is Maddie going down to show Grandpa and Daddy her loveliness!
Ashley likes to play these little pac man type games on the computer and Maddie loves to sit with her and watch her play. I think this is such a cute picture of the girls!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Christmas Parties

We went to Grandma Carpenter's for Christmas dinner and family gift exchange. Amy and I were having fun being Santa's helpers and passing out gifts. We both got yummy hot chocolate and mulling spices from Grandma, yumm!!
The day after Christmas we had a get together at Matt's parents house with as many friends from high school as could come. It was so great to see so many friends we haven't seen in a long time. My great friend Alexis came and it was so fun to catch up! Our friends Dan and Ashley did all of the work to throw this little party, thank you guys so much! We had so much fun catching up with everyone that was there!
Maddie LOVES the Carpenter's dog Lobo, she is obsessed with her. Lobo is getting older but she is the most patient dog ever. The girls love to lay on her, or in her dog bed with her (sometimes without her!) and give her treats. Lobo only runs away from them every once in a while!!
Three little doggies!
Olivia's hair is killing me, it had to have been in pigtails the day before or something!

Christmas Morning

We had a wonderful Christmas morning at the Carpenter's house. Another tradition they have that I love is we eat a delicious breakfast together before we open presents. Then everyone races into the living room to their "spot" where there is a blanket set up to sit on and put all of your opened presents on. I love this every time I think it's so fun! This picture above is of Olivia playing with some of her new toys from Santa.
Matt's cute mom loves American Girl dolls and everything that come with them. Matt's sister's both have had dolls and Maddie got a Bitty Baby a couple of years ago that she and Olivia love. Anyway, Matt's dad surprised Mary this year and got her a doll that looks just like her! It was really cute how surprised and excited she was.
Maddie and Olivia got a Barbie guitar and keyboard for Christmas and they loved them!! Maddie played with them alot that day! She kept putting on the headset microphone upside down, we thought it was pretty funny!
I (thanks to my dear friend Ashley) was able to surprise Matt with a Wii for Christmas! He had no idea I was getting it for him, and was really surprised! We had such a good time playing with Matt's family and some of our friends over the break. It was really fun to get this big gift for Matt and have it be such a secret! Thanks again so much Ashley, I couldn't have pulled this off without you!

Maddie testing out her singing skills on her new microphone.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Christmas Eve

After Islands we came home and read the story of Jesus' birth from the Bible and then we read some Christmas stories. The girls were being really cute sitting with Grandpa while he read.
Maddie's face in this picture is so great. She really tries so hard to get those smiles for me!
Opening Christmas jammies! This is another one of my favorite traditions in the Carpenter house! Matt's mom and dad are so cute, they get all of us new pajamas and we get to open them Christmas eve. It's the best!
The boys always have all matching pajamas, it's so great!
Our little family portrait. We were kind of obsessed with pictures because all of us kiddies got Mary and Ray a digital picture frame for Christmas and we wanted as many pictures of all of us as possible.