Thursday, November 29, 2007

San Diego

We spent our September break from school in San Diego, and as usual we had so much fun relaxing, seeing friends and family. Olivia has gotten really into making this funny face and Maddie likes to do it right back. We have all gotten a good kick out of it! Just though we would share.
We took Maddie to ride the train at Old Poway Park, she had fun ...we promise this is just not a good picture! She really did enjoy it and so did her little train Molly. I think it is so great that the girls like trains and balls and cars just as much as they like princesses and playing kitchen and dolls.
Not the best picture but they were having fun!!! I promise :)
Matt's mom and dad have a little pop-up camper and they popped it up while we were there for Ashley and her friends to play in and Maddie had a blast playing with the big girls.
Ashley and her friends are so sweet to Maddie. I love this picture, I think it makes Maddie look like such a big girl. She is so lucky to have Ashley as her aunt, they play so well together. It will be fun to see how close they become as they get older (they are only like seven years apart!)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Olivia vs Pasta

My cousin Tara's husband took these pictures of Olivia while we were at lunch. We had no idea he was taking pictures of Olivia, they turned out so cute I had to share. I love them, so enjoy...

Seriously, who is this girl?
"Oh, I think I'll have the pasta."
"Yeah! I have a plate full of pasta coming my way!!"
"Oh, and another thing..."
" Thpppppppp"
"La da di dada da..."
Things started to get a little intense.

"Will my food ever be here....clearly I'm starving"
"This is the life"
"Tommy likey, Tommy want wingy!"
All of these were taken right in a row while we were waiting for our food to arrive. And then again as we were finishing up. Isn't that so hilarious! All of those faces in such a short amount of time. Look at that buttery little face, I could just eat her, I love this girl! Thanks Colton for the pictures!
ps The score is in...Olivia 154 Pasta 2!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

T & C Part Three

We had lots of fun driving around looking at beautiful homes and walking around the Palace of Fine Arts.
This picture is so funny they are all kind of doing the same pose.
The MOMA, this was actually so fun! I had never been here before and it was really cool. Tara's husband is going to an Art school near LA in January so it was fun to go with someone who really appreciated everything. After this we went to the mall across the street and wandered around Union Square for a while.
The beautiful Golden Gate. It was even colder outside than it looks in the pictures!!
This is the worst we were sooo cold! Having Tara and Colton here was so much fun and we can't hardly wait until they can come again! We love having company, and sharing all of our favorite places. It makes us so sad to think that our time in this great city will be up so soon.

T & C Part Two

While Tara and Colton were here some of our funniest times were when we were putting the girls to bed. Colton got these pictures of Olivia and I just think they are so funny!
Love that profile!
So, of course we went to Mama's. And yes, it was just as amazing as always.

Anyone hungry.....

Tara and Colton!!!

My darling cousin Tara and her husband Colton came to stay with us and we had the time of our lives!!! It all started after we picked them up and went to Tia Margerita's - this little mexican restaurant that is right next to our house that's actually a bar but serves the yummiest food! The food was delicious and our server was even better.
Maddie and Colton sharing his birthday ice cream.

Next we went to the wharf for some great people watching and a little chocolate...
Olivia and Colton taking a little snuggle time before bed.
Maddie wanted to sleep in her little air mattress in her room because Tara and Colton were on an air mattress in the family room. It was pretty cute, she and Olivia loved to snuggle in it before bed.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Matt's New Toy

We got a bike trailer for Matt's mountain bike! He is really excited about it and has taken the girls out a couple of times already. The girls really like it, even though Olivia put up a fight for our little photo shoot!
Cute sisters. Matt said that when they are riding the girls are so cute, they both just sit there as happy as can be looking out their little windows. we go. And they're friends again!
As usual, Olivia going back for seconds.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fun, Fun, Fun

A couple of weeks ago we met up with a couple of friends down at the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building downtown. Our friends took the ferry over, and so trying to be adventurous and not wanting to worry about parking we decided to take the bus! I had my very first San Francisco bus ride! It was the girls first time too, obviously, and they actually really liked it. There were definately sights, sounds and smells to be remembered for a lifetime! The Farmer's Market was a blast and the food was amazing, we hope to go back soon!
Maddie was holding on so tight! It's a good thing too because a crowded bus stopping and going pretty quickly can definately get you moving...even when you're scared to touch your surroundings!!!
She did it!!! It has taken probably six months but Maddie can finally pedal her bike on her own! We are so proud of our baby girl. We probably should have practiced more often, but she did it! She loves to ride tricycles and has been able to jump on and do that for quite some time without getting "stuck", but for some reason her little bike had given her (well us) a lot of grief. If we got her started she could keep up the momentum, but if she slowed she would get stuck. So with a few hard practices she rode her bike all by herself to the park by our house! Dan and Ashley were there too, and we were all so proud of Maddie.
And we went to the Zoo! I think this is the last time that I will come on a free was a little bit scary and they weren't even running the train! So, I guess this is the only picture I took of the exciting event, I think I was too scared by the crowd we were surrounded by to be getting in and out of my purse too often! Never a dull moment here in this city!

Sunny Days

We went with some girls from our ward to the beach a while ago, so I thought I would post the pictures....seeing as how I am still "catching up" on postings. I don't know why but I love this picture, I think that Maddie looks so old in it or something... and Olivia looks like a grandma in her little sun hat with her little grandma body.
Not the best picture, but this is Maddie and her friend Mckenna from our ward. Mckenna is a little bit older than Maddie and is in Primary, so the girls had never really played together until that day. They are really cute friends and get along really well.
All of the babies sitting in a nice little hole.