Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tiny Dancer

Maddie's dance classes finally started! She loves going every week and Olivia and I love to watch her. She is so cute with the other girls in her little class, there is a little girl from our Ward in Maddies class too. They are so cute.
This picture makes me cry!!! She is so sweet, I love my Maddie so much!
I don't really know what they are doing but I love to catch any action shots that I can. We have to watch from a little doorway, so I take what I can get every week! On the last Wednesday of every month the parents get to come in the class to watch, it is so fun! And yes, Olivia thinks she is in the class too, last week she went and sat on the upstage line with the class while they waited to get a sticker from Ms. Burn. Silly girl.
"Kissing toes" Maddie is doing so well! We love dance class and I love when Maddie shows me all her "moves" when we have dance parties at home.
This is what we do while Maddie is in class, well this or Olivia loves to go in the really big studio, with mirrored walls all around and stained glass windows. It's kind of funny she likes to just watch herself run around in the mirror.


These are pictures from an adventure at the Bay Area Discovery Museum. I thought this first one was cute of Maddie and Brock painting on the windows.
Maddie riding her pony...
Oliva squishing a pony!
The kids love to play with the plastic fishies in the water, I have learned my lesson one too many times and always try to bring extra clothes!
Cute little lovey.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Park Days

We have a couple of really fun parks right near our house that the girls really like. These are just a few random pictures of the last few times we went.
Olivia loves the swings!
Maddie is so big! She had watched an older girl jump from the side step to the rings, and after lots of watching decided to give it a try. She did it all by herself and without any pushing from me. Next thing on her to do list is monkey bars! I know it is nothing huge but I love seeing my kids be so brave and trying new things!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Look Who's Walking

About six weeks ago Olivia was getting closer to walking and she would hang on us and walk with us wherever we went. Then she started doing it to Maddie, and they both got the biggest kick out of it! It was pretty cute. Olivia finally started walking (I should say running) about four weeks ago at 15 months! It took her long enough that now she is catching up for lost time and runs everywhere!
They were both laughing so hard, it was pretty cute!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Birthday Cake and Baby

Ashley, Madison and I enjoying our delicious chocolate cake that Matt made for us! It was delicious! Well this is old news but before Dan and Ashley had their baby, we were always trying to get Ashley into labor when we were all together. And our birthday celebration was no exception. I was rubbing Ashley's feet, stuffing pineapple down her, but that wasn't enough --tonight we decided to go for a walk. Matt had to study but that wasn't stopping us, we bundled up the girls and headed out for a very long walk. We went through Sea Cliff and up to the stairs on California, all the while doing toe touches and anything else we could think of!
The best news was all of our efforts worked! Dan and Ash called us around three in the morning and they were headed to the hospital!
Sweet baby Calvin! He is such a doll, and Dan and Ashley are the sweetest parents!
I had to throw this one in, ever since Calvin was born (well I guess a little before he was born) Maddie has been obsessed with him. I love my little Maddie!