Sunday, March 16, 2008

Thanksgiving Part Three

While we had Matt's brother here we wanted to take him to see some of the sights...there are so many pictures!!! Here is Olivia getting ready to "go bye bye" in the car!
The first place we went was Alamo Square where the famous "Painted Ladies" or "Full House" houses are. There is a really fun park in the square too, so we stayed for a while and let the girls play.
Olivia loves the slides, and the swings. She could back and forth between those two all day!
While we were playing I looked up at John and noticed there was a butterfly just sitting on his shoulder!! I thought it was so neat I had to take a few pictures. It loved John too, it stayed on his shoulder for what felt like ten minutes!!
Such a cute picture of uncle Johnny! The butterfly looks fake or something, how it is just sitting there. It flew away right after this picture.
We were trying to get some pictures of Matt and I and the girls...but we know how that goes, so we tried to take some of just the girls. Olivia hammed it up for about ten minutes!
This is honestly the greatest picture of Maddie, it captures exactly how she was feeling about taking picures!!!
Matt and Uncle Johnny with the Painted Ladies.

Matt and John at the Golden Gate Bridge...I was in the car with the girls circling around the parking lot.

We took John to Ghiradelli Square which of course meant we had to have a Kara's Cupcake. They are the yummiest things ever, we love them!!! Everything that they use to make their cupcakes is grown locally, which is kind of neat.
Maddie and Johnny devouring their cupcakes!
All of us in front of a cute Christmas tree decorated with huge, fake Ghiradelli chocolates.
This is just for fun Olivia loves to climb in the toy baskets, I thought it was a cute picture. She always climbs in while there are still toys in it and then continues to throw eveything out under her.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thanksgiving Part Two

During Thanksgiving weekend we went to see "So You Think You Can Dance" on tour with Dan and Ashley. It was so much fun! Matt and Dan had gotten us tickets for our birthday's back in August. We were so grateful to our friends the Budd's, in our ward for watching our girls for us so we could go. Matt's brother was still at our house and was so nice to just hang out that night while we went.
Ashley and I outside of the Oracle practicing our dance moves! The show was so good, I wasn't really sure what to expect but it did not dissapoint!! I loved watching all of the dancers, they are so amazing on t.v. but that doesn't even compare to watching them live. I am dying for the new season to start!!!
We were so excited to go, we don't go out very often without our girls so it was really fun to hang out with our great friends like we used to before all the babies came along. Thanks again to the Budd's for making this possible for us. We felt so bad asking them to watch our kids over the holiday weekend when they probably just wanted to be doing stuff as a family. We really appreciated it!
On the way home we stopped downtown for about 30 seconds to take a picture in front of the big Christmas tree in union square. You can see the snowflakes in the windows of Saks in the backround, it was really pretty. I love this city, we are really going to miss living here.